Monday, October 26, 2015


I haven't been writing blog posts recently although I have some exciting ones in mind.  The reason is that I have been busy finishing a play that I have been laboring on for a couple of years and that just opened in Los Angeles this  week.  The play is called "Disinherit The Wind."  It dramatizes a lot of the ideas that appear in this blog plus a few new ones.  Here is our first review:

Disinherit the Wind
Disinherit the Wind
Photo used with permission of Ed Krieger

'Disinherit the Wind' spellbinding

Rating: * * * * *

“Disinherit the Wind’ Is one of the most compelling, riveting , spell binding shows to hit the stage in a very long time. A college professor Bertram Cates [masterfully portrayed by Matt Chait] takes a position not totally in compliance with the academic norm and is vilified. Eventually the matter winds its way into a court room and the scene is set for an overpowering melodrama of intellectual battle. The amazing detail with which the issues unfold on stage and before the court creates an experience that is truly unforgettable. Much of the credit goes to Matt Chait who not only wrote the play ‘Disinherit the Wind’ but who also brought the lead character Bertram Cates to life on stage along with another stellar performance from Circus-Szalewski as the more than a little arrogant Professor Hawkins. 
The pivotal issue is the extent to which any level of spirituality plays a significant role in the character and advancement of man versus a belief solely in the Darwinian Theory of evolution and natural selection. This is somewhat rather weighty material and presented by a lesser cast could be a theatrical disaster. However the entire team presenting the world premiere of ‘Disinherit the Wind’ currently at the Ruby Theatre at the Complex in Hollywood, California is so unbelievably skilled that what appears to the audience in something a bit over two hours of utter intellectual and even emotional enchantment. 
This is not just another play, this is something deeply extraordinary. It certainly is not yet another bizarre musical like ‘Les Miserable’ where soldiers are singing in the middle of a fire fight nor is it yet another possibly funny but typically witless comedy. ‘Disinherit the Wind’ is something utterly unique as it thoroughly captures the minds of everyone who watches as the story unfolds. 
The only possible negative would be my observation that just maybe it could be shortened a wee bit. But then again doing so could damage the overall impact of the story. But that aside ‘Disinherit the Wind’ is one the most worthy and poignant plays to have ever been staged. It deserves ten stars but I am confined to maximum of but five. 
But don’t just take my word for it, get over to The Ruby Theatre at the Complex, 6476 Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles, California 90038 now and see for yourself what great theatre really is. It runs now through November 29th with shows Fridays and Saturday evenings at 8:00 PM and Sunday afternoon shows at 3:00 PM. Tickets are only $25 [just $15 for students and seniors] and reservations may be made by calling 323-960-4420.

If you live in the LA area come and see the play.  If you have any problem with the $25 just say you are a student.  We have a very liberal interpretation of what it means to be a student.  For instance, by virtue of the fact that you are reading this blog,  that would qualify you, in my eyes, as a student.  No one will question you about it.  I promise.  

The play is also published.  If you would like a copy please go to:

As always, feel free to comment on the play or the book.  New blog posts coming soon!!!

***P.S. And now (as I write two months later) you can see a video of the play if you go to and search for 'Disinherit  The Wind.'


Abercrombie Kapoofnik said...

Out of nothing more than curiosity I hopped over to youtube and spent some time listening to I.L. Perets stories. I was pleasantly impressed. So, when will Disinherit the Wind be coming to Playhouse Square in Cleveland OH?

Matt Chait said...

First I have to recover from the Los Angeles production which closes the end of November. I do plan to film Disinherit The Wind and have it some place on the Internet. Thank you for your interest.

Bill Schwan said...

Received Disinherit the Wind for Christmas (after many a dropped hint) and am finding it enchanting in an empirical sort of way. This is not only a fun read but a damning indictment of what passes for rational thought these days. Taking it on the road?

Matt Chait said...

Would love to, but I cannot finance this on my own. It's a cast of ten plus a stage manager, and there are sets, lights, advance marketing and, of course, transportation involved. Do you happen to know anyone in Madison (ah, the powers of the internet) who might be interested in helping us bring it there? A college tour, I think, would be best; doing, perhaps, one weekend at each school.

Bill Schwan said...

A frayed knot. That is to the Madison thing as well as being able to help fund a road trip for Disinherit. But I do still know some folks in the theater department at Hiram College (I was class of '82 there)and will bring the play to their attention.

Matt Chait said...

So it turns out the internet can be more confusing than powerful. There is a professor of neurobiology, so Google tells me, on the Madison campus. Okay, Cleveland or Akron, or the Hiram campus, then. I appreciate any efforts in that direction and I also appreciate your humor.
Frayed, frayed, very frayed,